Hackers don't sleep;

Neither do we.



24/7 security monitoring & analysis
Hackers don't sleep; Neither do we.


Working with your IT service partner to remediate threats faster


All your security threats managed through a
single pane of glass

Incident Logging

Proactive response to security incidents with
Qualified Incident Escalation

Interactive Security Framework

Factilitating changing business needs

EDR Tool

Endpoint Detection & Response tool

Protect your Business from Phishing Attacks Ransomware Data Exfiltration


Bad guys choose to hack people if they can; they are the softest target and therefore easily manipulated with social engineering. Organizations need to protect their infrastructure with a new security layer: a human firewall: a SOC

Phishing Attacks

Your brand image and the brand trust that you've worked so hard to build up, can be obliterated if news of a data breach surfaces to the public. EconoSOC provides security awareness and phishing defense to protect your operations and business image

Data Breach

The fall out from data leakage can be catastrophic, causing loss of revenue and business continuity. SOC analytics can identify reconnaissance, brute forcing or suspicious new connections that could mean you have an on-going data breach.

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